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Car Service

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Car Service

Welcome to the world of opportunities in the automotive service industry with AVRIKA in Israel! We take pride in offering unique job opportunities in the “Automotive Service” category, where talented professionals find the perfect avenues for their development.

Our offerings span the entire spectrum of the automotive industry, from skilled mechanics to experienced automotive engineers. By collaborating with leading companies in the Israeli automotive sector, we create conditions for professional growth and career success.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced professional, we have opportunities that will highlight your potential and help you achieve your ambitions in the world of automobiles.

Join the AVRIKA team and explore exciting prospects in the automotive service industry in Israel!

Job List

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Here you can find permanent work for English-speaking citizens, without knowledge of Hebrew, with a work visa. Direct employment with a company without intermediaries. We help you create a resume and prepare you for a meeting with an employer. Services are free.

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