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Operating a Forklift (Malgezan)

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Posted: January 21 2024

Operating a Forklift (Malgezan)

Direct employment from day one!

The center and south of the country of Israel invites you for permanent work in:

  • logistics centers
  • warehouses
  • factories

For the position: Storekeeper with a license for forklift driver (malgeza)

You can find a list of current vacancies in this category here: warehouse work

Work in large companies!

In close-knit, friendly teams and in a supportive atmosphere!

Good conditions guaranteed.

Position requirements:

  • previous experience working in a multi-product warehouse environment is a must;
  • forklift license is required;
  • permit to work at height is an advantage;
  • willingness to work in a team.

Work schedule: 1 shift or in shifts

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Агентство по трудоустройству в Израиле, бесплатный поиск сотрудников, бесплатные резюме
Company Information
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Here you can find permanent work for English-speaking citizens, without knowledge of Hebrew, with a work visa. Direct employment with a company without intermediaries. We help you create a resume and prepare you for a meeting with an employer. Services are free.

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