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Having trouble writing a resume? We will help you create a competent resume in Russian and Hebrew!

Your key to a successful resume!

Writing a resume can be a real challenge, but don't worry—we're here to help you stand out! Our experts are ready to provide support in creating a competent resume in both Russian and Hebrew.

What we offer:

  • Customized approach: We pay attention to every detail of your experience and skills to create a unique resume that matches your goals.
  • Language Competence: Whether you need a resume in Russian or Hebrew, we will ensure that every word sounds professional and convincing.
  • Experience and Skills: You can be sure that your experience and skills will be presented in the best possible way to set you apart from other candidates.

How it works:

Simply contact us and we will begin the process of creating your perfect resume. Don’t waste time - let’s create a powerful tool together for your successful employment!

Popular Questions and Answers

How To Find a Job in Israel Without Leaving Home?

There are many free job boards and social media groups on the Internet for searching for vacancies in Israel. All of them offer hot lists of available vacancies using quick search filters, and also allow the applicant to post his ad and resume so that a potential employer will pay attention to him.

If you are looking for work in Israel, you can use this resource. Choose vacancy, post resume or just call our managers by phone 053 857-70-95 absolutely free!

Is It Possible To Get a Job in Israel Officially and Without Intermediaries?

Yes. To do this, simply contact the specific employer by email or phone number indicated in the vacancy you have chosen, and clarify that you will be hired on a permanent basis, directly, not through “koah adam”. For example, the company Avrika offers you vacancies with direct employment from the first day of work.

Why Do I Need To Contact the Avrika Employment Agency?

If Hebrew is not your native language and you are having trouble navigating local job search platforms, just call us at 053 857-70-95. We will select a suitable vacancy, help you understand the issues of employment and payment, negotiate with the employer and get a job at the company directly, officially and without intermediaries. And all this is completely free, since our services are paid for by employers.

Are There Jobs for Women Without Intermediaries in Israel?

Yes. For example, in Ashdod, at a salad factory women are required for packaging for a pleasant Russian-speaking team at permanent job. All vacancies for women can be viewed here.

Is It Possible To Find Part-Time Work or Work in Israel for Tourists?

Yes. For Israeli citizens and tourists with a work visa, there is always a part-time job at unloading containers in the port of Ashdod or at logistics warehouses. Vacancies with part-time, as well as no work experience.

How Can I Find a Good Job in Israel Without Knowing the Language?

There are many jobs in Israel where knowledge of Hebrew is not required. You can see similar vacancies here. We are always ready to assist you with translating your resume, preparing for an interview, and also go through all the required stages with you until you are hired. You will be entitled to all social benefits and payments, including vacation pay, sick leave, pensions and gifts, as for all employees of the enterprise. Contact us by phone: 053 857-70-95.

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